2020 Vision

Humble beginnings. Grassroots. Early days. All euphemisms for Centrist’s reality right now. I cannot tell you how many eye rolls I’ve received announcing that I’m engaging in politics, let alone kick-starting a new federal party. That being so, we must play the fools to be the masters. First they will mock us, then oppose us, and finally they will join us.

I’ve been asked several times lately “What’s the plan?”, as we gain new members and move forward, so here it is, our “2020 Vision”, what we want to accomplish this year:

Step 1: Register with Elections Canada

In order register with Elections Canada we need 300 signed members on our Party’s ledger, we’re currently sitting just under 100. I would estimate that there are anywhere from 200-300 Canadians who currently identify as Centrists, unfortunately this doesn’t mean they signed up officially, becoming ‘card-carrying Centrists’ per se. So, as a call out to all you Centrists out there, if you haven’t signed up online yet, please do, and tell others the same.

Step 2: Open up the Centrist Fund Bank Account

We’ve already had several generous individuals ask if they could financially support our cause, which we’d be happy to oblige but currently cannot. In order to do so, legally, we need a properly registered bank account under the party name, which means the party needs to be officially registered with Elections Canada (see Step 1).

Step 3: Funded Marketing & The Hunt for MP’s

By the close of 2020 we hope to engage in our first funded national marketing campaign, which will coincide with our search for Municipal Representatives to begin our 2021 run.

Also in 2021 we’ll be developing the MP Toolkit and other support systems to facilitate our national growth and community interaction. From there the trajectory is straight up, our biggest stress points in 2022 will be managing growth and the possibility of being voted into government as early as 2023.

In summary, by the end of 2020 we hope to have some of our foundation in place to move forward in an official capacity. We’re very excited to start interviewing individuals for the MP positions and getting some real representation in our communities.

If you would like more information or have some feedback please let us know, we need it! To all those who’ve signed on early, thank you for your support!

Edward Rudy Westerneng

I'm married with 3 kids, an entrepreneur in the environmental sector and the founder of the Centrist Party of Canada. I love discussing new ideas and connecting with great people.

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