The Centrist Party of Canada is a political organization based on Centrist values and ideals, please download our constitution here to find out more about us.

A political Centrist is someone who holds moderate perspectives, believing that democracy can only be achieved through connection, communication and cooperation. Which is why we act; we believe that these elements are lacking in our current system, and we believe we can do better. We believe democracy can be expressed more fully in the 21st century and that it is our duty as Canadians to do so. 

We express our ideals through the Centrist platform, our plan for the digital reform of the Canadian government. The Centrist platform uses the internet as the modern standard for communication to redefine the way our government functions and connects with Canadians. We will engage Canadians in a relevant way using current technology. Creating a more efficient and accessible government, a real-time democratic system. 

Join us today to find out more about the Centrist platform, and what it means for Canada.


The Centrist platform will securely connect Canadians as never before, expressing Centrist ideals through the implementation of a digital democracy. We will use the internet to be heard and govern as a country. We will speak and represent our opinions online in official Canadian forums. 

We will be connected directly to our leadership, and them to us. We will be able to securely comment, poll and vote. Engaging Canadians wherever they are using the block-chain, the same technology securing crypto currencies internationally. 

The Centrist platform provides one place for all Canadians to connect with their government in a real-time representative democracy. One platform for one Canada.


We will provide Canadians with a highly accessible, cohesive, intuitive and comprehendible social network which serves as a singular point of connection between Canadians and their government. 

We will reform our government systems to serve Canadians more efficiently. The Centrist platform will give Canadians secure access to all their personal government data online. Through the same network Canadians will also be able to monitor government organizations, accessing live data and reporting information, including project updates and financial details.


The Centrist platform will not only give Canadians a voice, it will also keep our government accountable, allowing for a new level of transparent, two-way communication.  

The Centrist platform redefines how our government connects with Canadians. The Centrist platform will give Canadians real-time insights and information about their government, keeping citizens informed and engaged while keeping our public servants accountable for their actions. 

This new level of transparency and communication will connect Canadians, engaging the next generation of Canadian leadership.

Join us as we rethink our government and the future of Canadian democracy.

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