I wanted to express my gratefulness to all you early adopters who’ve signed up with the Centrist Party. Thank you, sincerely.

I also wanted to talk about the importance of gratefulness and how it ties directly into Centrist ideology.

One of the main issues we have with our government is cultural. It’s based on archaic, divisive principles which spawn a contrarian and combative atmosphere. What do we see when we enter Parliament? Two rows of opposing benches. Red versus blue, lined up like European soldiers. It is under these hospices that our community leaders attempt to communicate, agree and execute. It is these exact things we must change.

We must create a culture which fosters communication and welcomes input. We will treat every voice as if they have something of value to offer, each individual equal to ourselves. How? We will be grateful.

I know this may sound pseudo-religious and pedantic, but it is the truth, and the culture of the Centrist Party depends on it. We cannot offer what we do not have. In order to change the culture we must first change ourselves. In this way being a Centrist is a tad religious, as in it’s a perspective you must practice daily.

We need to be grateful for everyone’s time and energy, regardless of their Political views. Politically, Centrists should be defensive drivers with low expectations.

Also, digital democracy is a new concept which may take time for people to understand. Initially it’s going to be difficult for people to wrap their heads around just how unpolitical the Centrist Party is. The Centrist Platform is a new platform for democratic congress which operates via the internet. Not a casual topic.

I’m grateful for Canada, the system that brought us this far and for you. Thank you for giving this a chance.

We’ll be continuing to release videos explaining our platform over the coming months. Your feedback is welcomed. Welcome to 2020!

Edward Rudy Westerneng

I'm married with 3 kids, an entrepreneur in the environmental sector and the founder of the Centrist Party of Canada. I love discussing new ideas and connecting with great people.

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  1. Derek McCurdy

    is it a tad religious? do you have to practice daily? or can you just agree with the ideals and concepts and go about your own quiet living?

    1. Edward Rudy Westerneng

      In general I think politics are a tad religious, as they reflect our personal beliefs. That being said, the Centrist Platform is as apolitical as a political party can be. In terms of gratefulness, I’ve found that adopting a personal sense of gratefulness brings richness to my life, I’d encourage everyone to go about your quiet living while being grateful.

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