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On February 18th I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Brian Lee Crowley, the Director of the McDonald Laurier Institute. I presented the Centrist Platform to him, outlining the structure, strategy and ideology for his review. I was quite clear that we’re seeking critical feedback. The reason for this is that we’re in early days, within our first public year, and most of us have not embarked on the task of establishing a political party. So, we’re seeking out individuals with scope and breadth of experience for one sole reason; to find out if our new concept has a gaping hole.

Dr. Brian Lee Crowley, Director McDonald Laurier Institute

I’ll spare you the suspense: It does. But it’s not what you may think.

We always suspected that the major flaw of the concept would lay within the legality or assumptions made about how it may actually work. It turns out that our concept for digital democracy, a new vision for internet based government, is feasible and our perspective on how to improve our current platform is spot on common sense. The major issue, which is a tad exciting and intimidating, is an ancient one; power.

The biggest issue Dr. Crowley claimed we’d face is that the Centrist Platform strips power from those who hold it, and those in power want to keep it. Which is both encouraging and intimidating. On one hand it tells us that the Centrist Platform, built on absolute top down transparency, is feasible and capable of upsetting the balance. On the other it confirms what we’ve always suspected; that the Centrist Platform may not be popular among career Politicians and those employed as Federal Union workers. We have an uphill challenge with the current administration for the next 5 – 10 years.

Dr. Crowley also said that the Centrist Platform was “a powerful concept” and “…the most disruptive idea Ottawa has seen in a long time…” which we should take as high praise.

My meeting with Dr. Crowley was scheduled for 30 minutes which quickly stretched into an hour. Dr. Crowley was bright, direct and keen. He was engaged by the concept of the Centrist Platform and positive about what we’re doing. My two main take-away’s from the discussion are:

  1. The Centrist Platform is Feasible.
  2. We must have determination and integrity as we move forward.

We closed the conversation on a positive note, he referred us to the former head of Canadian Economic Development for our next discussion.

I left Ottawa feeling energized and excited about the journey ahead, one I’m happy to share with you, it’s going to be an adventure!

Edward Rudy Westerneng

I'm married with 3 kids, an entrepreneur in the environmental sector and the founder of the Centrist Party of Canada. I love discussing new ideas and connecting with great people.

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