What does it mean to be a Centrist?

1. Acknowledgement that it is our personal responsibility to improve, we can do better, and that we’re on a continuing path upwards.

2. A belief that that our old, two party, war-based interpretation of a democratic government is tired and becoming ineffective. Trust and communication have broken down the highest levels and something must be done.

3. Believing ideology based in connection, communication and cooperation, regardless of political stance, is the key to a healthy, productive government.

It is not to late, but now is the time. Join us today, or reach out to find out how we plan on gutting the Federal government and cutting taxes in half. This isn’t ‘to good to be true’, we have a real plan using real world solutions. We are the most apolitical Political party in history. Join us today @ www.centristcanada.ca

Edward Rudy Westerneng

I'm married with 3 kids, an entrepreneur in the environmental sector and the founder of the Centrist Party of Canada. I love discussing new ideas and connecting with great people.

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